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Lars Aarhus


Everyone loves music, and I believe that taking part in the music process yourself, whether it be playing in a band/ensemble or just jamming out to your favorite song all alone, is one of the most uniquely rewarding experiences out there. My teaching style focuses on the student’s goals first, so they can learn to play guitar the way they want to play while also working with them to develop core musicianship skills that will allow them to share in the joy of music with other performers.

I have been playing both acoustic and electric guitar since the 5th grade and played in a rock band with my friends throughout high school. I have a B.A. in music and sound design from Digipen Institute of Technology in Redmond, and my dream is to one day be an audio designer/programmer for video games.
I love all sorts of music, from classical and bossa nova to rock and metal, and of course, all sorts of video game tunes, and I’m always up to expand my horizons and tackle whatever musical challenge I can find. 

When I’m not playing music, my other hobbies include retro gaming, cooking, and brewing loose-leaf tea.


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