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Renee Robinson

Voice Teacher

If Renee could click her heels together three times and say “There’s no place like home”, she would inevitably end up in a small rehearsal space, with a piano, some sheet music, and her voice.

Art is the lifeblood of humanity, and music is its soul. And there is just nothing in this life quite like throwing your head back and singing out loud, for no one but yourself. That is the best place to start in Renee’s classroom – you don’t need anything but your voice and your heart to be a singer!

But if you want to be a GREAT singer well, Renee has got you covered! She can work with you through the Ballads of Broadway, take a walk through the history of Jazz, or hit even the highest Arias. Renee can also help you learn to read music or to prepare for auditions or live performances.

Renee’s true desire is to share her passion for music and empower her students to believe in themselves. Because, truly, ANYONE can sing!

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