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Sada James Doup

Violin & Viola Teacher + Owner / Director ~ 8th Note Music Studios

Sada James Doup
 set out on her musical journey with violin in hand at age 9 in Spokane. Quickly immersed in playing with local symphony orchestras, several string quartets, and as a soloist, she has a deep passion for music and continually seeks out new opportunities for learning and sharing.

In 1996, she dedicated herself to teaching private violin and viola lessons full time. Incorporating classical, fiddle, jazz and improvisation into her lesson plans, Sada and her students explore the many melodies, harmonies and rhythms that always seem to find their way into our lives.

In 2003, Sada opened 8th Note Music Studios in Marysville, which provides a much needed space for community music teachers and a comfortable place for students to express themselves in.

In addition to teaching, Sada is an active performer and studio session musician. She is Concertmaster of the Synergia Northwest Orchestra and a violinist with the Seattle Rock Orchestra both of which combine classical tradition with contemporary styles to produce outrageous rock shows, presenting new works of emerging artists, engaging in collaborations across genres and providing educational programs and scholarships for area youth. Sada’s recording projects range from the rock and roll sounds of the Walking Papers (featuring Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses) to the Hip-Hop phenomenon of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

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Projects & Performances


The Heist – Neon Cathedral
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Featuring Allen Stone
The Heist
Can’t Hold Us – Shark Face Gang Remix
D-Sane x Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
Featuring Ray Dalton
Cant Hold Us
Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean
Andrew Joslyn

Walking Papers
Featuring Mike McCready
of Pearl Jam

Walking Papers
Seattle Rock Orchestra EP
Key Loom featuring Twin G
The Big Homie
Key Loom
Brighter Days

Manifide - Brighter Days

Rebecca Helmer
Produced by Roger Fisher



Seattle Rock Orchestra performs Beck's Old Shanghai

Star Anna - Live on KEXP
Full Performance
February 23rd, 2017

Manifide - Brighter Days

Andrew Joslyn - Plastic Heaven (feat. Will Jordan)

Andrew Joslyn
Making of 'Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean'

Eternal Fair - "Michael John"
Live from Robert Lang Studios

Duncan Shadrack and the Shadrack Band
"What Part of Goodbye Didn't You Understand" This Side of Trouble
Produced by Mark Weller

Seattle Rock Orchestra performs Neon Cathedral
with Allen Stone and Macklemore 

Seattle Rock Orchestra performs Beck’s Old Shanghai

Star Anna – Live on KEXP
Full Performance
February 23rd, 2017

Manifide – Brighter Days

Andrew Joslyn – Plastic Heaven (feat. Will Jordan)

Andrew Joslyn
Making of ‘Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean’

Eternal Fair – “Michael John”
Live from Robert Lang Studios

Duncan Shadrack and the Shadrack Band
“What Part of Goodbye Didn’t You Understand” This Side of Trouble
Produced by Mark Weller

Current Groups:

Concertmaster of Synergia Northwest Orchestra

Seattle Rock Orchestra

Octava Chamber Orchestra
Passenger String Quartet

Sound Edge Pop’s Orchestra

Sno-King Chorale Orchestra

Carnegie Hall Link Up Program
Snohomish County Music Project

8th Note Ensemble

Live Performances

The Walking Papers
Mike McCready and Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam
Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains
Roger Fisher, Michael Derosier, Howard Leese and Steve Fossen of Heart
Somar Macek of Heart by Heart
John Popper and Brendan Hill of Blues Traveler
Allen White of Yes
Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses
Michael Shrieve of Santana
Vicci Martinez
Tracy Bonham
Shawn Smith
Tennis Pro
Allen Stone
Geoffrey Castle
Andrew Joslyn and the Passenger String Quartet
Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs
Mycle Wastman
Leroy Bell
Tess Henley
DJ Kaz
Caspian Coberly
Selene Vigil-Wilk of Seven Year Bitch
Andrew Vait and The Eternal Fair
Tamara Rose Power-Drutis
Zach Davidson of Vendetta Red
Alex Guy of Led to Sea
Bushwick Book Club
Rebecca Helmer
Jon Markel
Bucket of Honey
The Thoughts
Alan Smith
Joe Doria
Jonathan Sindelman
Eduardo Mendonca
Swil Kanim
The Weatherheads
Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder
I am a returning violinist after playing as a child and laying down my instrument for over 40 years. I have been studying under Sada’s gentle, excellent guidance for about two years now. With her instruction, I have been able to join Evergreen Community Orchestra, as well as perform for Golden Leaf Adult Family home regularly. When I first met Sada, I knew immediately that her genuine encouragement was the real deal and my initial intuition, regarding her teaching style, has proven to be accurate!

Sada has all of the qualities as a violin/viola teacher that are most desired by a student or a parent of a student, because of her consistent positive approach for learning and gentle encouragement for excellence from her students.  Her patient and positive praise for accomplishments made through practice, provides not only progress in learning but instills a love for music.
Sada is not only an amazing violinist, but an active member in her community, supporting local Marysville and Seattle activities, donating time and resources for less privileged individuals.
She and her husband Carl are a blessing to all who meet them.

Three years ago my husband I were trying to get our reluctant and shy 6 year old involved in something.  She looked at me and said, “violin!”  No one in our family plays an instrument so it took us a little by surprise.  We found Sada and met with her to see if this was even a possibility.  Sada told Addyson, “I’m willing to try if you are, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and we’re going to make a lot of horrible noises.”  Addyson was thrilled and started right away.  Three years later she loves taking her violin to school to play in class, looks forward to lessons, loves playing in recitals, and there really wasn’t that much horrible noise.  Sada and violin had such a huge part in my daughter’s transformation that I can’t thank her enough.  Through the years I can truly say that every student that emerges from that practice room comes out with a smile on their face and the joy of music in their heart. Alisabeth B.

My daughter started violin lessons 6 years ago and has taken lessons from Sada at the Eighth Note Music Studio for the past 4.   When arriving at Eighth Note we instantly knew Sada was a perfect match. Her passion for teaching as well as encouraging students was evident from day 1.  Sada is funny and down-to-earth and excellent at making lessons enjoyable while teaching the technical skills needed to not only play the violin well, but also the importance of learning to sight-read, correct posture and fingering.  Sada is a gem I whole-heartedly recommend to any age person wanting to learn to play the violin. Shannon D.