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My policies reflect those of the National Music Teachers Association.


– Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes. There are no lessons scheduled on federal holidays or during the Marysville School District’s Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks.  Monthly lessons may vary with 3, 4, or 5 lessons each month.  Tuition remains the same regardless of how many lessons you attend per month.


– When you initiate lessons, you are reserving a schedule slot.  Like most other schools, classes missed due to a student’s absence cannot be rescheduled, nor is a credit given. If you need to miss a lesson,  advanced rescheduling may be possible if there is a slot available in my schedule. I understand life gets crazy and will make every possible attempt to reschedule a missed lesson; however, this is not guaranteed.  A credit will be issued only if the instructor cancels.


-Tuition is due on the last lesson of the month for the following month.  There will be a $10 late fee for any tuition received after the 10th of the month and a $20 fee for any returned checks.  Tuition is not prorated for missed lessons and will remain the same regardless of how many lessons you attend. There are no refunds.


– Instructor cancellations: I am a professional violinist and, on some occasions, may have to reschedule lessons due to performance demands. Please note that my involvement in professional performances not only enhances my skill set, but it also ensures that you are receiving top-notch instruction from a sought-after violinist. If rescheduling is not possible, a credit will be given towards next month’s tuition. Instructor cancellations are the only time a credit will be given.


– Snow Days:  If the Marysville School District or Granite Falls School District is closed due to inclement weather, then so am I.  Online lessons via Zoom will be available instead.


– DO NOT COME TO YOUR LESSON IF YOU ARE SICK!! Please help stop the spread of germs! A lesson WILL NOT be given if the student is ill! This includes fever, cold, or flu symptoms in the last 24 hours.  We can do our lesson online via Zoom, or we can try and reschedule instead. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, but I will make every attempt to reschedule the lesson if another time opens up the following week. I appreciate your cooperation on this.


– To reach me, you may text me at 425-876-3050 or send me an e-mail at sada@8thnote.com


– Each lesson is custom-tailored to the individual student.  If there is a book that needs to be purchased, I will provide it, and you can pay me directly at that lesson, or you can add it to your next tuition payment.


– We will have Winter and Spring recitals each year.  The date and time will be announced at least one month prior to the performance date. Recitals will count as one of that month’s lessons.


– Daily practice is essential for the musician’s growth. I will provide a practice chart that clearly explains what is expected for that week’s work, and together we will discuss and set an attainable goal each week. Remember, the difference between knowledge and skill is practice.


– Please arrive at your lessons prepared. Be sure to always bring your instrument, shoulder pad, and music. Keep your nails trimmed and of course, always wash your hands first.


These policies reflect those of the National Music Teachers Association.